Biofresh Safestore At Potato Europe 2023!

Potato Europe is one of the largest annual exhibitions in Europe dedicated to all things potato! 2023 was bigger and better than ever, bringing together organisations dedicated to innovation, sustainability and the future of the potato industry.

We are proud to have partnered once again with Potato Europe to showcase our Ethylene Management System, this time in Tournai, Belgium.


With systems operating in potato stores for almost twenty years, Safestore has developed a wealth of experience in the use of ethylene as a potato sprout control system. Used alone or in combination with other sprout suppressants, ethylene is an effective, low-cost solution.

Potato store managers across the UK, Europe and Japan recognise the benefits of the Safestore system; reliable, cost-effective and easy to operate. Treatment protocols have been developed for processing and pre-pack crops in single or multi-chamber storage sites. This season also sees the option of integrated CO2 monitoring.

Potato Europe 2023

How can Biofresh Safestore’s Ethylene Management Systems help?

Our advanced technology provides a straight forward means to monitor and control ethylene levels in storage facilities, ensuring levels stay within the optimal boundaries.

Using sensor technology to optimize distribution of gas throughout the stores, our systems mean less waste and more efficiency savings.

For farmers who are new to ethylene, or with a few years’ experience under their belts, our Ethylene Management Systems are a reliable, straight forward and cost-effective solution in the evolving world of potato suppression and storage.

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Looking forward to the future.

Potato Europe 2023 was a resounding success for Biofresh Safestore! As we continue to look ahead we are committed to the ongoing innovation and sustainability within the potato industry.

We are excited to announce our participation at the upcoming British Potato Show, Harrogate November24th – 25th. Make sure to come down and join us for what is sure to be a great few days.

British Potato Show, Harrogate November
24th - 25th.