The best sprout suppression system – from every angle

Whichever way you look at it, Safestore gives you the best in price-performance – as well as the constant reassurance of outstanding customer service.


Safestore is a low-cost, residue-free and completely safe solution for potato sprout control.

Application protocols have been developed for both fresh and processed potato crops to guarantee quality – both in the store and in the fryer!


Safestore’s sensors regulate the distribution of gas very effectively to optimise consumption. The system is also totally controllable – even in older, ‘leaky’ stores.

That means less waste and more efficiency savings. And with Safestore, there’s no contract or tonnage fee. Just choose to buy or hire for as long as you like.


Safestore is suitable for all types of potato store, big or small. In fact, it’s ideal for use in multiple-store operations where the cost benefits are maximised.

Integrate the system into your existing store management systems and control everything from a single screen – or even remotely by computer or mobile phone.


Safestore is made by Biofresh, an innovative and independent UK company that hasn’t forgotten the importance of reliable and personal service.

Our highly experienced staff will always have time for you – whatever your enquiry. And for technical problems we’re on call 24/7.


The Safestore system is based on very robust and reliable technology which has been proving its value all around the world since 2005.

It’s designed to work autonomously in the background with minimal supervision – so you can get on with doing more important things.


Still have questions about our sprout suppression system? Our friendly experts are happy to chat! They can help you find the perfect fit for your needs.

Just give us a call or schedule a free consultation.

See what customers are saying about our sprout suppression systems


Potato Agronomy Manager – Manorfresh

“Having had several years of experience using ethylene as a sprout inhibitor, we elected to install a Biofresh multi-store ethylene management system in 2020. Treating four stores, each with over a thousand tonnes, the system provides us with a cost-effective, easily managed sprout suppression solution.”

“The equipment is straightforward to operate and there is the option to integrate with our other store refrigeration and ventilation systems. The installation process was hassle-free and the Biofresh support team promptly respond to any requests for assistance.”


Technical Manager – Proctor Brothers (Long Sutton) Ltd

“We are now in our third season of using the Biofresh ethylene system across two stores and 3,000t of main crop pre-pack potatoes, stored until June.”

“We have been very impressed with the accuracy, operation and back-up of the system, and fuel gas usage has been lower than initially expected. Sprout control in these stores has been excellent and no further treatments have so far been required.”


Storage Manager – A H Worth

“I started using ethylene as a potato sprout inhibitor when it was first registered in the UK over fifteen years ago. Ethylene is easy to use, has no harvest interval and leaves no residue in the crop or store.”

“Over the years I have had experience with Biofresh single and twin store management units that deliver pure ethylene from gas cylinders. The systems are competitively priced in terms of treated tonnage costs, especially when a unit is used to treat more than one store. The units are reliable, easy to operate and the Biofresh support team provide assistance whenever required.”