Why use ethylene to suppress potato sprouting?

Although there are several different technologies available for sprout suppression, ethylene gas has been proven to be the all-round best solution for extending the life of potatoes without any chemical residue. In particular, it is the ideal replacement for CIPC as it meets all current regulations while giving you many additional benefits on top.

Ethylene molocule

Benefits of using ethylene sprout suppressant

Key benefits


Safestore (ethylene) is a highly effective sprout suppressant for the long- term storage of potatoes. Contact Biofresh for a list of varieties that are best suited to storage with Safestore.

Potatoes can be stored for up to a full storage season using Safestore but some varieties are better suited to long-term storage than others. If in any doubt, contact Biofresh for more detailed advice.

Depending on the variety, Safestore (ethylene) may have an effect on the fry colours of some processing potato varieties. Always consult with your end-user before treating potatoes with Safestore.

Safestore is fully approved as a plant growth regulator (sprout suppressant) in the UK as well as a number of EU countries.

Safestore leaves no residue in the treated crop. There is no minimum withdrawal period (‘harvest interval’) before the treated potatoes can enter the supply chain.

Ethylene is lower cost and doesn’t leave any odours or residues. Furthermore,
ethylene readily diffuses throughout the store and does not leave any treatment ‘cold-spots’.

This depends on how leaky the store is and how much the store is ventilated but typically one gas cylinder will last for six weeks in a thousand tonne store

Yes, but please note there is s slightly different Safestore treatment protocol for pre-packed and processed potatoes. It will work just as effectively in either box or bulk stores.

Ethylene can be used as a stand-alone anti-sprouting treatment or alternatively it can be used in combination with other treatments. When using in combination with other treatments please speak with Biofresh for advice on application.

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