Biofresh Safestore To Exhibit At SPot Store

The UK’s leading potato sprout control technology provider has confirmed that it will exhibit at SPot Store on 14 May.

Biofresh Safestore will showcase its potato sprout suppressant system, which is in use at the event’s hosts, Winters Lane Storage in Long Sutton, Lincolnshire.

Organised by GB Potatoes in partnership with Potato Storage Insight and SDF Agriculture, SPot Store aims to refine and fine-tune potato storage practices through on-farm research and learning.

During the day, visitors will hear about store design in terms of airflow and even temperature distribution, the results of a PCN trial and cold storage regimes such as Biofresh Safestore’s ethylene-based system.

Ethylene gas has been proven to be the all-round best solution for extending the life of potatoes without any chemical residue. In particular, it is the ideal replacement for CIPC as it meets all current regulations.

In the UK, ethylene has been used commercially since 2003 as an alternative to more traditional chemical-based sprout suppressants.

Biofresh Ethylene Management Units operate using 99.95% ethylene supplied in cylinders, which fully satisfy CRD quality and HSE safety requirements.

Managed by a central control panel equipped with an easy-to-use HMI panel, Biofresh Safestore’s system features sensors that regulate the distribution of the ethylene gas to ensure optimal conditions, regardless of store size or whether a single or multiple store site is being controlled.

“Winters Lane Storage has been using our system for several years now, and as visitors will hear, they are very pleased with how it performs and how easy it is to manage its sophisticated features,” says Jeremy Barraclough, operations director of Biofresh Safestore. “We’re really looking forward to the event and think it will be very popular indeed with growers and food processors looking to improve their potato stores.”

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